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Mitchell Phoenix are staunch supporters of sustainability and the leaders who take responsibility. Next Tuesday in mid-town Manhattan, many of the world’s leading thinkers will be participating in both the Clinton Global Initiative and
Here is a sample of the latest results from their Foundations of Management programme today.A cornerstone of Mitchell Phoenix's approach is that participants on their programmes are required to create concrete business results by applying
There was a study carried out by psychologists at Minnesota University in 1977 that demonstrated how other people’s expectations of us influence how we behave. It is as if we sub-consciously pick up how others view us and start to behave accordingly.
Peter Drucker, the man who is credited with modern management thinking would have been 100 years old last week. Let's not forget his vision and wisdom. Here are some quotes from many of his writings and interviews."In fact, that management
Take a manager who has never played rugby before. Make him captain of England for his very first game. What would happen?Martin Johnson was a fantastic player. Journalists struggled to put into words just how fearsome he was: “beetle-browed”,
You have been asked to find a leadership development programme for the managers at your organisation. The choice is bewildering, with companies offering a host of courses which last from one day to six months. What factors should guide your decision
Have you been tasked with choosing a management or leadership development programme for your people? Are you uncertain about what to look for? What are the pros and cons of sending your people to a hotel for a five day residential or a back to business
As economic conditions improve, it will be those managers and organisations which can see the opportunities which will flourish. And what we see is a function of how we think.We normally imagine that things work the other way round: that we
Mitchell Phoenix believe that organisations should Govern Change, which means anticipating and responding actively and flexibly to the changing circumstances in which businesses operate. In doing so, companies create an advantageous, profitable future
Governing Change means seeking out opportunities to innovate and adapt to the change which is taking place all the time in our business environment. It means having the flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness to ensure that we are commanding change,
A couple of years ago I phoned a client who told me that I had just made him $40K. He was negotiating a pay off and wasn't satisfied with the first offer. He simply remained silent while the offer grew and grew. The generous fellow that he is credited
I recently added 20 yards of distance to every club in my golf bag with no effort whatsoever (and the chipping now is sublime). For the non-golfers out there, this is quite a significant improvement. I have played the game for about 15 years achieved a reasonable standard and plateaued...
I recently added 20 yards of distance to every club in my golf bag with no effort whatsoever (and the chipping now is sublime). For the non-golfers out there, this is quite a significant improvement. For the golfers out there, send cheques to…
The Four Pillars of Successful Management DevelopmentPillar 3: StructureYou are choosing a management development programme for yourself or others in your organisation. Of all the factors you take into consideration – the cost,
The Four Pillars of Successful Management DevelopmentPillar 2: Robust ContentFew CEO’s Cite Paint-Balling as their Chief Leadership InfluenceRare quotations:“I paint-balled my way to the top”
The Four Pillars of Successful Management DevelopmentPillar 1: Focus on ResultsBusinesspeople are good at measuring a return. Stereotyped from at least the Middle Ages as bean-counters with abacuses, the Blackberry-wielding modern
“ The two highest achievements of the human mind are the twin concepts of "loyalty" and "duty". Whenever these twin concepts fall into disrepute, get out of there fast! You may possibly save yourself, but it is too late to save that society. It is
The Lockerbie bomber has been 'set free for oil' scream recent headlines. It seems that the British Government uses the Groucho Marx School of thinking…“Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.”A
More allegations about Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's Premier, have emerged in recent days. This time he is alleged to have exchanged business favors for sex from an escort. Call it sloppy management, a devil-may-care attitude or just bad luck, the whole episode reflects back on the vessel...
More allegations about Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s Premier, have emerged in recent days. This time he is alleged to have exchanged business favors for sex from an escort. Call it sloppy management, a devil-may-care attitude or just bad luck, the whole is a fantastic business tool for individuals and companies alike. It is a website that creates huge scope for networking, marketing, creativity and friendship. It is part of what is known as Web 2.0, the next generation of internet use, where social networking forms a larg...
Constancy of purpose, to take a leaf from Dr Edward Deming, is one of the prime contributory factors to business success. It is a commitment to the long-term and connected with a continual improvement ethos. In order for any organization to become highly effective at sustaining its con...
When choosing a leadership and management development programme, one is likely to encounter courses which promise “facilitation by experts.” The experts will have a background in a particular industry, and will draw on this background as they develop
Mitchell Phoenix are pleased to announce the next public dates for their sought-after senior management programme Securing the Future. The course will start in London from September 22nd and continue through October 20th, November 17th and December 15th.
What is the true value of time?For businesspeople, the adage “time is money” rings as true as coins clinking into the till. Consultants, accountants and lawyers bill their time. If the time taken to manufacture a product is halved, profit
While politicians and those close to government can be lynched for spying the dreaded green shoots of recovery, those further from the centre of power are free to cautiously identify indications of an economic upturn. The National Institute
“Time Management” is a myth. No matter how slowly time seemed to drag in the meeting you just attended, no matter how quickly a deadline appears to be thundering down on you, time passes at a constant rate. We cannot manage the passage of time any more
I was recently asked what I considered to be the most important attribute of a leader. It's a challenging question since we all seem to have our own idea about this and quite a few of these ideas are not shared. Perhaps it is not possible for all the
This morning the New York Times made the most promising noises yet, that the recession may be about to end. Unemployment is down, house prices are rising, productivity is up; all positive indications that things are improving. President Obama gave a
Amid the public outcry over MP’s expenses and their discontent at the conduct of the Speaker, those seeking lessons on leadership might be forgiven for looking anywhere other than the Houses of Westminster at the moment.And yet the Speaker
Donald Kirkpatrick developed a very popular evaluation model that has been used since the late 1950s by the training community. The focus is on four kinds of outcomes that result from training programs and identifies four levels of evaluation:
Sustainability is an increasingly common term in today’s world. It is most widely used to communicate goals around ‘saving the planet’, renewable energy and feeding the Earth’s population. The concept of sustainability refers to the ability to maintain
By now you can't have failed to hear about the incredible story of Susan Boyle. She is a 48 year old unemployed lady who lives with her cat, Pebbles in Blackburn, Scotland. Just over a week ago she became a singing sensation when she appeared on the TV
Management Training from Mitchell Phoenix – Low Cost High ValueThe management training provided by Mitchell Phoenix is some of the most effective management training that you will find anywhere in the world. It creates immediate measurable
When the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 was published in September last year, Lehman Brothers had just collapsed, $85 billion had been spent bailing out AIG, and the UK government was just over a week away from announcing their £400 billion rescue
Drucker writes that this is the most fertile area for successful innovation, and yet managements often miss or actively reject the opportunity an unexpected success presents.Example:A major clinical instrument producer developed a